The Performatrin® Difference

Performatrin® understands that different pets have different nutritional requirements:

  • Small breed dogs mature faster than their larger cousins, and have proportionally larger digestive tracts, while the larger frames of large breed dogs mean increased strain on hips and joints.
  • Indoor cats, especially those that have been spayed or neutered, often need nutrition that matches their calmer lifestyles.
  • Growing puppies and kittens require increased energy from their food, whereas senior pets need foods that support healthy aging.

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3 Detail Difference

Excellence in Nutrition

Premium scientific nutrition means using high-quality ingredients like fresh meats, raised without the use of artificial hormones and steroids. It also means leaving out artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Scientifically formulated by our pet nutritionist, Performatrin’s line of tailored formulas respects the unique needs of your companion.

Best Nutritional Value

Performatrin’s mission is to provide superior, 100% complete, scientifically based pet foods at the best nutritional value by producing our foods close to home using high-quality ingredients.

Targeted Formulation

Performatrin® has a complete line of foods that address not only lifestage, but also individual needs such as size and energy levels in dogs, as well as indoor living and hairballs in cats.